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greengrub Toys, Brisbane-based online toy store for bamboo wooden educational toys and puzzles that is founded by a woodworking artisan who have been making Australian handmade wooden toys for more than 25 years, Greg. Together with my wife, he created a family-owned business passionate about the environment and sharing our unique wooden toys throughout Australia.

We continuously handcraft all wooden toys in the toy workshop in Brisbane, while showcasing our unique designs and characteristics of our bamboo toys. We are committed to provide families with high quality, safe, sustainable and ethically produced toys and puzzled for kids. We only partner with brands that suit our mission and goals, which are giving the best quality toys, while we are taking care of our environment by reducing our environmental footprint. With greengrub Toys, we ensure to use sustainable raw materials, eco-friendly packaging, 100% solar-generated electricity and composting our waste sawdust.

Shop our wooden toys now for your kids, while taking care of the nature!

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