Apaiser Bathware

eco sensitive bathware from apaiser™
apaiser bathware is committed to manufacturing a range of luxury stone composite bathware that respects the environment. In all phases of the manufacturing process, we strive to produce a product with a consistently low environmental impact. Our objective is to generate a product that looks beautiful, but is also sympathetic to and impacts benignly on the environment.

All our products are made from a base of naturally occurring materials. Unlike many other composite stones, apaiser uses re-cycled marble that is the by-product from the cutting of natural blocks in quarries. The natural marble powder used by apaiser™ constitutes at least 70% of the final finished material content. The marble apaiser uses is derived from the by-product collection at quarries. This material is then cleaned and is mixed as required with similar by-products of stone and other materials such as oyster shell. The process of agglomerating them together is conducted with a low percentage of binding material, in our case a resin (epoxy).

This core material and the aggregate pieces added to the material could not be used in any other way by the natural industry due to their shape and size and therefore would have to be disposed of, representing a cost for the community that would have the burden of taking them to dump, with the consequent costs for transport and pollution.

In addition all shell and glass used in our products is either re-cycled pieces of glass from glass factories or shell fragments sold from shell suppliers. The only man-made materials used in the apaiser range are the resin that binds the material and the polymers that seal the finished product. These represent less than 5% of the total material quantity.

The carbon outputs from the manufacture of apaiser bathware are very low. Unlike most producers, we do not use mechanical sanding to finish our material. Every apaiser bathware piece is hand sanded. It is through the extensive use of manual labour that apaiser™ uses minimal electricity in the manufacture of our bathware. This achieves a remarkably low carbon gas emission rating, thus reducing the impact upon the environment from the manufacture of apaiser bathware to insignificant levels. There is negligible waste in production, as a result of benign processes and all waste is disposed of in accordance with ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards

apaiser prides itself on the creation of an environmentally benign product. It is one of our core values to ensure that the total process is extremely professional, maintaining a low environmental impact on our natural resources and the apaiser team is proud of our joint commitment with our workforce and our suppliers in maintaining an environmentally friendly product.

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