Australian Hemp Masonry Company

AHMC supplies competitively priced, certified BCA compliant Hemp Masonry building materials for new residential and commercial construction, retrofits for energy-efficiency and restoration work.We also offer Consultancy services, Training for Builders, Building Designers and Owner Builders. AHMC's technical team have been drivers in the hemp construction industry in Australia since 1999. Our materials are manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

Hemp lime walling materials create an exceptionally thermally efficient, vapour permeable building fabric that cycles humidity from the internal environment as well as giving good acoustic isolation. We also supply hemp lime materials suitable for roofing and subfloor insulation.

Made primarily from renewable resources - processed low THC industrial hemp from Australian farms and Australian sourced limes, AHMC's hemp masonry materials lock up high volumes of hemp (carbon) to create durable, energy-efficient buildings.

Australian Hemp Masonry Company Products

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