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A healthy home was the starting point. We could not find any natural and non-toxic paint products on the Australian Market.

This gave us the initiative to supply products using natural organic and/or non-toxic ingredients, which complement the original formulas and minimise the risk of adverse effects on the environment or on the health of workers and users.

We supply environmentally responsible paint products like wall paints, varnishes, enamel lacquer, oils, thinners and cleaning products. Visit our website or email us for more information. Bio Products Australia Pty Ltd has been an importer and manufacturer of natural paint products since 1985.

Our factory is located in an industrial area in Mount Barker, South Australia. We produce our paint with the latest paint equipment to maximise product quality.

Our aim is to provide a healthy alternative to conventional products to prevent ecological illness such as the sick building syndrome. We encourage our customers to choose a time to paint their homes, offices or workshops, which will reduce the risk of adverse effects on everyone living in the home environment, especially children. in today's environment governments are urging companies to reduce the content of Volatile Organic Compounds in their products.

We have done it from the beginning. Our BIO Wall Paint is free of VOC - see test report of Choice Magazine December 2004. The only one in Australia! There are other ingredients, which we don't like in paint products. In selecting our products, we look for ingredients which occur in nature in preference to man- made chemicals and they must be non-toxic. A synthetic material is used only if a natural ingredient is not yet available to fit the requirements for a high quality product.

The results are the most environment friendly paint products on the market.

Bio paint products aim to perform to the same standard as conventional products. Most of our products have been tested according to the Australian Standard for paint products by NATA registered laboratories. Bio's environmental and health policies preclude the use of toxic ingredients used to enhance the performance of some conventional products. BIO's paint products are available in Australia, New Zealand and Korea. Retail Business Opportunities Unlock the huge business potential in your district with our natural and non-toxic paint products. 5% of customers will buy a "green" product if available. We will fully introduce you to our product range.

Initial capital expenditure for stock not more than $10,000. Floor Finishes BIO Floor Varnish or Teak Oil or Hard Floor Wax will give you an enhanced natural finish for your Timber, Cork or Slate floor. Paint Finishes A matt interior wall paint with a pleasant smell and harmonious colours, which lets the wall breathe. Sustainable Building Practise BIO's natural paint products ease the pressure on the environment and do not pollute the interior.

Home and Office Natural non-toxic paint products will increase the well being of the occupants of a dwelling or work place and will prevent sick building syndrome.

Furniture/Toys Lovely and safe finishes, BIO'svarnishes are saliva proof and excellent for toys and furniture. Bio Japanese Seedlac is a superior finish for antique furniture. Timber and Metal Finishes For doors, windows, panelling, beams etc, a variety of finishes are available in oils, varnishes or lacquers.

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