Brushmore Paint Brush Covers will start saving you water, money and time as soon as you start using them, plus your brushes will be in better shape next time you use them and may not need replacing as often.

If you're fed up with washing out your brushes, wrapping them in cling film or keeping then in jars or buckets and replacing them on every other job? Then get some Brushmore Brushcovers!

You spend $10 to save $100! How does that work? Good quality paint brushes are expensive, up to $50 each. For $10 (plus P+P) you get four covers helping you protect your investment, making brushes last longer and perform better.

Brushmore Paint Brush Covers will out last two or three brushes, even given the longer life, meaning you replace your brushes less often, while saving time, paint, water and the environment.

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