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Straw has been used as a building material since prehistoric times, as a component of roofs; in structural walls; and as an excellent insulation material.

At Country Sprayrender we eat, breathe and dream straw bale houses. The eco services we offer include green consultancy, house construction, help to builders and owner builders in all aspects of strawbale building.

Country Sprayrender aims to clear any misconceptions about straws. Infact - they are super environmentally friendly on several different levels.

• Straw is a waste product which gets burnt adding to carbons emissions

• Straw is a renewable eco product grown in one season.

• The insulation properties = extra insulation does not have to be added to the walls reducing materials in the building process and energy used to make them. They also reduce heating and cooling costs and greenhouse gas emissions from the power generation. 

Hence, each Strawbale house can save tonnes of greenhouse gases from polluting the environment every year.

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