ecospecifier's aim is to help building professionals including architects, designers, Environmentally friendly builders and specifiers, as well as keen homeowners, to shortcut the eco and healthy materials sourcing process.

Its broader aim is to help create a more sustainable physical environment by increasing the use of environmentally preferable and healthy products, materials and design processes.

Designers today need to be mindful of the upstream and downstream implications of decisions in an economic, legal and ecological sense.

A range of new standards, including Green Star, BASIX, The Building Code of Australia, NABERS and ABGR, are turning these drivers into tangible measuring tools in the market place.

ecospecifier provides compelling and high-quality knowledge about innovative products that represent high value over their life - not only in the traditional sense, but also in the expanded sense of health, wellbeing and productivity of their total life, in the context of the people, buildings and systems they serve.

ecospecifier meets the needs of the forward looking practitioner and company looking to respond to the needs and desires of clients, and be at the forefront of best practice design.


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