Formed is a uniquely Australian luxury bathroom furniture company. We design, manufacture and distribute bathroom products – including baths, shower bases and shower screens – of exceptional quality and an enduring aesthetic. Our distinctive, architectural pieces add an immense sense of style to any luxurious home.

There are no other Australian companies like Formed. We are absolutely committed to manufacturing all of our products here in Australia. In doing so, we are supporting local industry and creating a real difference when it comes to our range.
Materials in the Formed range
We work with premium materials that will stand the test of time, and exude luxury and style. In our products, you'll find:
Corian® – simply the best stone on the market. Not only is it great for heat retention, but Corian® has also attained GREENGUARD® certification, which indicates that all harmful minerals and metals have been eliminated from the product.
Stainless steel – the most enduring, strong and stylish metal for bathroom products.
10mm toughened Australian safety glass – instead of the standard 6mm.
Our choice of materials reflects our goal to produce bathroom pieces that are both stylish and functional. What's more, they adhere to our sustainability goals, which are to use materials that have recognised environmental certifications, are safe, and will last. Formed products stand the test of time.
Manufactured in Australia
Formed is committed to supporting local industry. We design and manufacture all our products in Australia, which enables us to:
Reduce 'green miles'
Ensure safe labour and fair work conditions for all employees
Maintain exceptional Quality Assurance standards
Social responsibility is key to our mission, driving every aspect of our business. There are three components to our social responsibility goal.
Social impact
All Formed products are made in Australia.  We do this for many reasons:
Better work conditions – Australia has some of the safest work conditions in the world, and we want the people making our products to work under these conditions. By committing to manufacturing all of our bathroom products in Australia, we retain control over the working conditions of people involved in the creation of our products.
No exploitation – Exploitation is a real problem with overseas manufacturing, and Formed does not want to be involved in any situation where workers are exploited through such issues as low or no wages, unsafe work conditions or child labour.
Skills – By keeping the manufacturing in Australia, we are contributing to the development and retention of local skills, so that we can continue to make beautiful, quality products.
Environmental impact
Formed takes an active lead in reducing our impact on the environment. Here's how:
Raw materials – We have chosen raw materials that have low impact or the best in the field. For example, we use glass instead of plastic, stainless steel instead of aluminium, and Corain® stone because it's the only solid surface that has GREENGUARD® certification.
Local manufacturing – Because our products are made locally, their 'green miles' are reduced and they do not have to be transported great distances to your bathroom.
Economic impact
We employ local people, which ensures that the money you spend on Formed bathroom furniture remains within the Australian economy.
A great summation of our philosophy is this notion of keeping it local. We encourage all people who interact with Formed – from bathroom stores, to manufacturers, to end customers – to buy locally wherever possible.
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