Grimes & Sons

Grimes & Sons is an Australia’s leading supplier of Mud Brick paints & finishes, Timber Stains & low VOC Coatings. We supply timber restoration products, floor coatings, floor stains, Dulux Industrial coatings, Marine paints, and full range of wallpapers. We supply ideal products for antique timber work restroration.

Grimes & Sons is run by Una and Alan Grimes and we are a family run and owned business. We have been making paints and stains since 1956 and have been Australian owned and made the entire time. We have been supplying Victoria and the rest of Australia with the finest quality paints, stains, coatings and finishes for timber, mudbricks and all domestic and unusual surfaces. Architects and Interior Designers often say we are their secret weapon, however, home owners are welcome to call in with the material they want to colour match and we will create the stains, coatings or oils for the project.

We use the best quality ingredients that we can find on the market. We are passionate and personal towards our approach, so you end up with a confident and proud result.

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