Jet Dryer

A revolution in hand drying raising the bar in efficiency, hygiene and environmental friendliness.

Hands are dried faster than many hand dryers on the market today with up to 10 times the wind speed and concentrated to do the job properly.

A water tank conveniently concealed and  holding the water from approximately 500 pairs of hands.

Optional HEPA air  filters, carbon activated air filters.

Using up to 80% less electricity  and operating within  a third of the time of other  conventional electric hand dryers.

Power consumption of our electric hand dryers are so minimal that the savings against paper towels can be up to 90% .

Reliability, safe and effective, nothing is worth doing without doing properly ..and quality has not been sacrificed.

JET DRYER is so much quieter than some hand dryers…..65 dba ensures it  to be more user friendly.

Comes with ability to be plugged in or hardwired providing an easy  cost effective installation.


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