National Maintenance Products

National Maintenance Products have been popular in various industries, most notably for: seamless, non-slip flooring in commercial kitchens, abattoirs, warehouses, loading bays etc.; chemical-resistant linings in wastewater and other processing facilities; corrosion-resistant coatings on marine and off-shore structures, including splashzone application; and, as underwater-applied repair compounds in municipal tanks. 

National Maintenance Products has a green reputation for their eco approach by becoming the first industrial manufacturer in Australia to be independently assessed and eco-certified as a "Good Environmental Choice" under ISO 14020. 

Today, National Maintenance Products range of environmentally responible products segregated and re-branded to reflect their market roles.

Jaxxon (industrial coatings) and Scubapox (underwater products) have been in the marketplace for a number of years and represent high-quality products with unique capabilities. Collectively they embody the strengths of NMP - a dynamic, forward-thinking organisation looking to push the boundaries of epoxy eco technology for the benefit and safety of man and the environment.

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