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At Porter's Paints we offer our clients unique products for interiors and exteriors. Our traditional and modern paint finishes are all water-based, durable, easy to apply and made by hand.

Porter's Paints still makes paint and wallpaper by traditional methods and to original formulations, producing an unrivalled depth of colour. Our finishes have been created to ensure harmony and depth, whether inside or outside the home and regardless of style.

We have long been at the forefront of colour trends in Australia, and take pride in employing a team with a keen eye and innate love of colour.

Porter's Paints has created a range of products that fall into the zero VOC paint category. For over three decades now, Porter's Paints has pushed to make the reduction of harmful VOC's a core objective of our industry.

These are reductions that have distinct benefits for the environment, our community and your family.

Porter's Paints Products

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