Sandstone pavers

 Natural sandstone pavers - At present we are extracting sandstone blocks from six different quarries around Australia and processing the stone in our new state of the art factory.

Sandstones and quartzites are the most versatile building stones. They range from coarse, soft, crumbly rocks to dense, fine~grained creek quartzites so hard that they ring when struck. Sandstone is a good stone to learn on because it cuts well, occurs in layers, and is porous enough to age quickly after shaping. It comes in as many colors as sand itself — grays, browns, whites, roses, and blues (the most common, though, are grays and browns) — and is composed of fine sand parti— cles fused together under great pressure. Many sandstones have a definite grain along them that can be split easily. Therefore, sandstone is best laid flat, the way it was formed. Set on edge, it may weather in such a way that the layers separate. The sandstone you may have access to could be soft or hard, weak or strong. In mortared work, the stone should be at least as hard as the mortar.



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