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View galleryDesigner Paint Co offers: a wide range of colours and textures, paints that are solvent free, safe and non toxic, and paints that are tough, and durable for your home or workplace. We sell GREEN paint! Blue paint, pink and orange paints, infact we have well over 1950 of our own exciting colours, plus we can computer match everyone’s colours. Our palette is just bursting with new life, fresh and colourful ideas. The difference is between our paint and the others is simple. Our colourants have no VOC’s…yes that’s right 0%VOC. We are the Number 1 choice for paints….WHY? We meet all Green Star Australia ratings and we are members of Green Building Australia. European paints have the most stringent controls to eliminate those harmful agents and other solvents that are causing us cancer and other diseases. Our staff are friendly and informed. Our stores are dedicated paint shops for both d.i.y. and the professional painter Training can be carried out by our staff so you can also achieve many of the most stunning decorative effects, easily and save dollars while you are having fun yourself. Wall paints that are scrubable, in both low sheen and matt. Giving you 20 square metres every litre. Wall paints that are matt and washable and giving you 30 square metres every litre. Our paint works out to be the same price and in some cases cheaper than the toxic brands. Who, who else can give you that? We sell water based enamels, decking paints, iron paints, in fact, metallics, pearls, stuccos, and travertine, you name it we have it, and it’s all non toxic. REMEMBER. WE SELL GREEN PAINT, WE SELL NON TOXIC PAINT. Safe for pregnant mothers and children and MCS sufferers. Call us now on 1300 303 802 for the closest store or we can send the paint by courier to you anywhere in Australia.

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