Zero Emission Building Products

Are you currently building a new house or wanting to renovate it to an eco-friendly home? Zero Emission Building Products is your help!

Zero Emission Building Products will support you from the beginning to create the High Performance, Passive House or Commercial Building that is highly energy efficient. Supported by SIGA airtight membranes to create high quality airtight building envelopes. Airtightness is the key to create an energy efficient home or office. Continue to the blower door test to determine any leakage. We also offer Stiebel Eltron’s Heat Pumps that can produce hot water out of the air with low usage of electricity. Not forget, the solar panel to complete your Eco Homes. We are here to supply and install all the things that you need to create an eco-friendly home and maximize the energy efficiency.

Our services and products include:

- Energy Recovery System

- Heat Pump - Super Efficient Hot Water Technology

- German uPVC High Quality Double Glazed Windows

- Blower Door Testing Service

- Rain Water Management Systems

- Solar PV Panels

- Cheap Horizontal Louvre Eave Kit

- Multiple Extractor Connection Box - High Performance Build Airtight Solutions)

Simply connect with us to understand the process of creating High Performance, Passive House or Commercial Buildings. You will be guided through all the steps to create your own eco-friendly homes or offices.

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