Australian Ultra Violet Services

Mission Statement is to provide environmental solutions for both air and water globally utilizing non-chemical technology. Our philosophy is to provide and enhance ecologically sustainable solutions for both air and water hence improving the quality of life now and for the future.

Our products are focused on improving and employing non-chemical applications that will provide appreciative benefits to future generations and the global environment Australian Ultra Violet Services (Operations) Pty. Ltd. is a well established, innovative, design and manufacturing company specialising in the field of ultra violet and Activated Oxygen equipment for the purpose of air and water purification.

Australian Ultra Violet Services (Operations) Pty. Ltd. commenced operations in 1981 and has established a reputation as an innovative and dependable designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality ultra violet equipment. Our associate company UV Air Pty. Ltd. manufactures ultra violet lamps.

Australian Ultra Violet Services (Operations) Pty. Ltd. specialise in air and water purification using non-chemical technology and is a wholly Australian owned and operated company. Our company personnel have over 30 years experience in pioneering and of being at the forefront of ultra violet technology.

We are considered by our client-base to be technically superior in our manufacturing and application of ultra violet technology. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unequalled.

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