Corporate Social Synergy

 Corporate Social Synergy provides ethical and sustainable products and services to businesses in the Brisbane area.

Currently we provide BioPak bioderadable packaging for take away food and beverage service to over 30 local cafes, restaurants, market vendors, festivals and caterers.  

CSS also offers a consulting service for businesses to facilitate the transition to more environmentally friendly practises.  This includes product sourcing, waste management, training and marketing services.

At Corporate Social Synergy we beleive that the business sector can become a catalyst for change towards more sustainable principles in the world.  Environmentally friendly operating credentials will soon become the determining factor in consumer choice thus making green businesses profitable due to their sustainability.  This particular form of competitive advantage has already begun to impact many industries and it is only a matter of time before the change is across the board.

Be a part of the sustainable future business paradigm, call Corporate Social Synergy today! 

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