Factory Lighting

CLSA(Creative Lighting Solutions Aust.)is an Australian Company, specializing in high quality LED lighting products. Our expertise will enable the transition from current wasteful lighting installations towards real efficient alternatives with demonstrable sustainability.
This transition is available to all Australians and will ensure consumers,businesses and policy makers reduce their CO2 footprint and save energy.

Our Mission
1) Place product safety, quality and consistency first
2) To enhance customer satisfaction through delivery of high quality LED lighting products that meet Australia standards.
3) To be environmentally responsible in reducing energy consumption and carbon emission.
4) Offer a wide range of LED lights with high and professional standard customer service.

We wholesale LED lighting products (LED panel lights,LED highbay, LED downlights kits, LED work lights, LED tubes,etc) to the public directly online or welcome to visit our showroom and warehouse for on-site sales. And we also offer project consulting services for any business owners. Please contact us for more information on how we can help with your project.

Factory Lighting Products

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