Guilt-free Gifts

Guilt-free Gifts is a specialised gift service providing the highest quality natural, organic, eco-friendly & fairtrade products. It was inspired & founded by Karina Lamelas, a Naturopath, who wanted to contribute to being part of the solution to some of the problems that we are facing today.

At Guilt-free Gifts we truly believe that, through our purchasing power, we can create change. The more we vote with our wallets by choosing natural, organic, eco-friendly & fairtrade products, the more we encourage governments & companies to provide responsible options, innovation & solutions to our health, environmental & social concerns. So began Guilt-free Gifts … a hassle-free, fun & easy way to choose ‘better’ gifts & products that are accessible to anyone & everyone with a taste for quality and a desire to make a difference!

We all love to give & receive gifts so, whatever the occasion, why not choose to give Guilt-free Gifts that show you care not only about the health and wellbeing of the recipient but also for the planet & all who share it.

Guilt-free Gifts's professional, reliable & hassle-free service will make gift giving a breeze. We do all the hard work for you & deliver your elegantly wrapped gift to your (or the recipient’s) door.


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