Independent Tree Services

In the past Independent Tree Services has stood as a company providing the best solutions for homeowners who do have issues with trees in their homesteads. With their expertise, they have many people thus making them the best in the entire market.

Some of the services, which we offer for people who need to redefine the looks of their homes are:

· Stump grinding, mulching as well as onsite chipping

· Commercial projects that involves trees

· Crown Lifting

· Tree planting

· Palm cleaning

· Tree risk assessments & reports

· Land clearing

· Tree trimming, pruning and maintenance

· Removal of deadwood

· Storm damage and its prevention

· Mulch sales and others…

Why Choose Us?

You need to choose us at Independent Tree Services since we are tested and proven as the best company that you need whenever you are offering the best services that they need. From our experienced experts, we will always ensure that we solve all your trees problems in your homestead.

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