SDI Plastics

SDI Plastics gain access to biodegradable plastics so this formulation can be used where possible.

SDI Plastics recycle all waste plastic.  This includes any reject parts and all runner waste.

All plastic used in our facility is recycled. This includes our virgin plastic pallets from all suppliers and the bags that they come in.

All plastic that is unable to be re-used in our plant is sent to a local recycler where the product is reground and used again in various products.

SDI Plastics source recycled plastic waste and use a specially formulated blend with new material such that the product quality is maintained and the impact on the environment is minimised.

SDI Plastics regularly clean our site to ensure no plastic granules enter our waterways via drains.

SDI Plastics a quality assured plastics injection moulding and tool making company. The team at SDI Plastics is a focused, committed and results producing team. Our management places a major focus on our personnel which is why our account management team have the reputation of delivering and operating with integrity.

Boasting over 180 years of plastics experience, SDI Plastics has the knowledge and expertise to deliver your products on time with the quality you would expect.

Our plastic injection moulding company and tool making business is able to begin your products life, from a simple drawing through to prototyping and eventual plastic product.

We will advise you on material selection, mould selection and packaging.  Our plastics department can also assist with in house packaging and shipment.

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