Australian Carbon Traders

Australian Carbon Traders was established in 2004 to meet the growing demand for emissions trading and carbon management, with a particular focus on the agricultural sector. 

At Australian Carbon Traders we believe that well planned and managed carbon projects, when properly incorporated into farm management, will provide a range of cross production benefits and additional income for landholders.

Australian Carbon Traders owns and manages the Australian Farm Abatement Registry (AFAR), a carbon management system that has been designed for landholders who wish to own and control their carbon assets and increase land productivity.

Australian Carbon Traders has particular experience in forest sink projects and has undertaken the accreditation of Landcare CarbonSMART to the GGAS and Greenhouse Friendly schemes.  ACT has also undertaken an assessment of the Commonwealth Games tree planting project and provided advice and consulting to councils and community groups.

ACT offers customised services to large and small business and aims to assist clients in understanding and taking control of their own emissions management.  ACT can also provide a range of carbon credits through a network of brokers, aggregators and project originators, including investment opportunities, longer term and OTC purchases.


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