Oxhydrogen welding/cutting machine without carbon emission

OKAY Energy Oxy-hydrogen flame metal welding machine uses the oxy-hydrogen gas to set fire & welding metal. The oxy-hydrogen gas is generated automatically by using pure water & a little electricity as fuel. The flame is clean & cost-efficient without any gas tank required. Saving energy by 30% and increasing efficiency by 20%. OKAY Energy has been researching for the high-tech oxyhydrogen metal welding for 15 years.

Advantages of HHO Metal welding Machine:
1. Cost saving:
When welding metal, the Oxy hydrogen metal welding machine saves 60% cost compared to acetylene. Saves 40% compared to propane.

2 Welding :
The oxy-hydrogen flame calorific value reaches 34000Kcal/kg, and temperature high up to 2800 degree. The flame is concentrated and can increases metal welding speed by 20%.

3. Welding precisely:
The flame is concentrated, it can achieve metal welding precisely.

4. Clean flame without carbide:
Oxy-hydrogen flame combustion doesn't form any carbide, so there is no black spot after welding. And it will not influent the rigidity & flexibility of workpiece.

5. Safe & Convenient:
a) Oxy hydrogen generator can produce gas automatically without gas cylinder. Just need pure water & electricity as fuel. No worry for cylinder explodes.
b) The machine will turn on or off automatically by detecting the gas pressure. Metal welding machine can supplys gas under low pressure without explosion danger.
c) The flashback arrestor device is also equiped in metal welding machine.
d) The gas output volume is adjustable. Easy to operate.

6. Environment friendly:
Oxy-hydrogen generator just needs pure water & electricity as fuel. And it will just generate water in the end. Do no harm to environment.

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