Emission Statement

Emission Statement assists companies to calculate the carbon footprint of their activities and supply chains.

Reduce Energy Use. Market your efforts to customers and staff. Help tackle climate change. Emission Statement provides carbon footprint and supply chain consulting services for all Australian businesses that wish to "make a positive statement towards the environment".

Our core services enable your business to:

- Measure current energy usage, costs and your current carbon footprint across business premises or full product supply chains

- Develop and undertake positive steps towards reducing energy usage and inefficiencies

- Understand future legislative and reporting requirements

- Inform and Educate Staff and Customers that through your work with Emission Statement you are making a positive statement towards the environment

We have worked with companies in the professional services, manufacturing, forestry, retail and other industries.

If you are looking to ensure your company is genuinely doing something to combat climate change, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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