Amber Bebe

Amber has been treasured by mankind for millennia. Sometimes carved and always a symbol of wealth and wellbeing.  

Amber bebe helps to recreate the tradition and embrace the warmth of amber with a range of mother and child adornments especially designed to symbolise love, happiness and wellbeing.

Amber uniquely catches and disburses light, and some believe its glowing hues can ward off malevolence and help bestow calm. Today it makes a beautiful gift, whose warmth can be radiated around them. 

Wearing amber jewels can be eye catching not only for friends but also for your baby and help enhance the bonding experience.  

Gentle golden glows can provide a soothing and relaxed environment, perfect for nurturing your baby. As the grow kids love amber too. Personal gifts of wealth and love can help to instil their sense of belonging and acceptance.

Amber is believed to soothe naturally, when Amber is worn next to the skin it is warm and it is reputed to release natural oils that can care for the skin.

Today they are simply beautiful. Baltic amber necklaces are ideal for both modern day boys and girls to wear.

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