Austral Clotheslines

Austral Clotheslines / Quality clotheslines has distribution centers in every major city of Australia.

This means that if you want your clothesline "NOW", then your likely to get it now.

We currently install clotheslines for some of the biggest names in the building industry. Major building company's dont take the products they use lightly nor their installers.

Major builders such as names you would have heard about have been using us exclusively to install the Austral product in every home they build. Austral clotheslines meet or exceed the requirements for the DHA.

We know that buyers want a quality product that will serve many years of trouble free service and that you prefer an Australian made product.

This is why we choose to sell only the "Austral" product as we believe that selling anything else is damaging to our business and a potential thorn in the side of clothesline buyers.

We believe in Value, Quality and Service. Our products are well priced, our services are high quality and our accessability is second to none.  All products come with 10 years worth of structural guarantee. Try us and see for your self why  Austral Clotheslines / Quality clotheslines are the best

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