Babyjo Bamboo Wear

Babyjo Bamboo Wear clothing is not just for bubs suffering eczema, but simply for any mum or dad who loves their precious little poppet enough to think of their best interests as well as those of our environment.

I am confident that once you feel bamboo fibre for the first time, you will be very impressed.Add this to the list of environmental benefits, and you have a functional, environmentally sustainable and impressively designed range of clothing.

The process of starting a clothing range has not only made me think outside the square in a clothing sense, it has also opened my families eyes to life’s simplistic beauty and the need to make sure these are retained for the future.

There are many things we can do on a daily basis, which will in turn contribute to a planet that is still enjoyable for our children. If we all decide to try and help, we can surely make a difference.

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