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Bamboo Socks Online is an online store that makes it easy for the Australian consumer to purchase eco friendly bamboo socks, bamboo underwear & bamboo clothing.We have sourced Australia's best produced bamboo clothing products & offer them at an affordable price. Bamboo is a renewable resource that, once turned into fabric, allows bamboo clothing to be produced that is soft, durable, natural anti-bacterial properties making it perfect for socks, underwear & clothing.

We provide bamboo clothing, bamboo accessories, yoga clothes, bamboo bed sheets, bamboo towels bathroom gift bags, bamboo woman scarfs and hair towels. Our customer favourites include bamboo T-shirts, mens bamboo singlets, Bamboo and charcoal health socks and bamboo sports socks.

We understand that bamboo is a highly sustainable material and producing items out of bamboo require less than half water than using other materials. Get in touch with us!

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