Beyond Skin

Founded in 2001, Beyond Skin is the first British, independent, designer luxury vegan footwear brand dedicated to designing cruelty-free, luxury vegan shoes for fashionable, style led women.We were created in response to the challenging predicament of combining both style and fashion with an ethically conscious lifestyle. Our luxury products are 100% vegan, with a sustainable USP and beautiful styling.

All of our collections are produced in Spain and our fabrics and components sourced from both Spain and Italy. Wherever possible we endeavour to source eco-friendly materials as close to our factories as we can and always within the EU, reducing air miles and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.We provide worldwide delivery, we are sustainable and sweatshop free. All the products are generally not leather and are handmade in Spain. Check out our sales section for all the offers!

We currently ship worldwide through our e-commerce store

Beyond Skin Products

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