Zoe Cool Clutch (Mustard) Cool Crossbody Clutch

Zoe Cool Clutch (Mustard) Cool Crossbody Clutch

Zoe is inspired by King Louis XI who always carried a mustard pot with himself as he believed that mustard is essential to enhance all culinary experiences. We hope to make this bag an essential trend accessory that makes any outfit pop. The clutch comes with a removable cooler pocket. 

The little insulated lunch bag can be used for various purposes address storing food, medicines or keeping makeup from melting. It’s especially useful for ladies who are diabetic or families with children who are always hungry. We always hear how important it is to be hydrated at all times and hence this clutch is made 26 cm long so a 600ml bottle fits in the removable cooler pocket. This clutch is super handy to use and easy to clean.

You can use a wipe to clean it or put it in the washing machine without any worries. The cooler pocket is removable, making Dee a beautiful evening bag.


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