Dingodude has created a line of men's underwear manufactured from organic bamboo fibre fabric.Dingodude men's underwear is notable not just for the style and cut but for the luxurious feel of the fabric - somewhere between silk and cashmere. The soft touch plus the vibrant colours are characteristic of the organic bamboo fabric custom made to Dingodude specifications.The added bonus is the excellent moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, antiallergenic and odour resistant qualities of the fabric, and of course it is a superior eco-friendly choice compared with other fibres.

In terms of fashion, the stylish gentleman's ensemble starts with the first layer, choosing a garment that will allow the next layer to hang well while at the same time meeting the essential criteria of comfort, quality and cut. Dingodude's range of men's underwear features seamless sides, functional open front and no irritating sewn-on tag making Dingodude underwear the clear choice.

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