Green Hemp Australia

Hemp can save the planet ... it is the green solution. Green Hemp Australia has been producing hemp products since 1989. We have a wide range of hemp clothing for men, women and children.

Green Hemp Australia also has a range of Hemp Seed Oil skin and hair care products that are great for sensitive and damaged skin. Our range of Hemp accessories includes strong Hemp Shopping Bags and Hemp Socks. We provide a mail order service with all our products...

Visit our web site at See the full range at St Andrew's Market every Saturday 8am to 2pm. Wholesale welcome. Why hemp? Simply stated, hemp fibre is the longest, strongest most durable natural fibre known to mankind and has been used for over 12,000 years.

Hemp can be grown in two months, does not require herbicides or pesticides and uses a fraction of the water compared with cotton. Hemp can produce four times as much pulp per hectare than trees and can produce over 50,000 products including paper, plastics, cosmetics, clothing, food, fuel, wood products and medicine.

Using Hemp helps create new age environmentally friendly industries and solves the deadlock between ecology and economics.

This planet needs Hemp.

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