Horizon Athletic

Horizon Athletic and Swimwear is a Sydney-based fashionable sport clothing brand created by professional athlete Marlena Gabriel. 

Australia is surrounded by the ocean and the population density is concentrated at the junctions between land and sea. Spending time with nature is a part of life of every sports enthusiast and Horizon Athletic wants to give back to nature by developing a sustainable and green ecosystem.For our love and respect for the environment, Horizon is mindfully created to raise awareness and resolve environmental issues. One of the issues is the tremendous amount of plastic waste in the Ocean and environmentalists predict that this may destroy the natural habitat in the next 6 to 16 years.

At Horizon, we have created sustainable and fashionable sports apparel to help protect our environment. The fabrics are sourced based on the highest sustainability standards, our active swimwear use a recycled fibre from abandoned fishing nets and other post-consumer waste called Econyl. The fabrics are woven with Lycra to improve durability as Lycra is 5 times more durable when exposed to chlorine or salt water.

Horizon Athletic Products

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