Jann French

Soft Sole Moccasin Boots and Shoes.  Handmade by artist and craftspersonJann French.

Made on commission from locally sourced, vegetable tanned deerskin.  A natural non-toxic biodegradable material.  Made by hand, with hand tools by a maker fed on organic food.

The virtue of travelling in a barefoot style is gathering popularity due to growing research results.  There are folks out there running barefoot.  They get fewer injuries and go faster as their feet get stronger.  Wellbeing apparently improves when we are grounded.  Children have a 30% higher chance of getting flat feet if they wear hard soled shoes when they learn to walk.

Personally I’ve just always preferred my feet being exercised, flexible and free to tread gently, naturally and quietly on the planet.  Allowing you to properly feel and be wherever you are.  Now the science is telling us what I’ve always believed; nature knows best.

Vegans: I wish I could find an alternative material with the properties of deerskin, any leads greatly received. 

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