We started our business by asking questions around why there was no evolvement in underwears for men and women. We then designed a sustainable, eco friendly brand to take care of the modern hygiene and environmental needs.

Modibodi is eco friendly, stylish and comfortable underwear designed to resist sweat, stains and leaks.Our underpants utilise our patent pending super slim (.3mm), super absorbent (over 5ml) liners, replacing the need for pantyliners. Our outer fabrics utilise natural fabrics like bamboo/organic cotton and active merino wool to keep the wearer dry and odour free.

Modibodi underwear can benefit all women, as every woman has experienced an unwanted moisture issue at some stage of her life. Issues like light bladder leaks, menstrual spotting, heavy discharge, and perspiring.Our garments are all Made in Australia by ethical manufacturers and are unique to this market. Modibodi garments are available for sale at

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