Noonee Wilga Elimination Communication

All items from Noonee Wilga are professionally made with care and love. 

I, Marnie, owner of the company, make them myself in my smoke-free, pet-free, chemical-free home. 

My site also gives information and inspiration for others about elimination communication, baby wearing and to encourage you to DIY to make nappies, little underwear etc for your own family.

Noonee Wilga products are made using RE power. We installed solar panels on our roof which covers the majority of our electricity needs.

To reduce the carbon footprint of your purchases, they are always delivered to the post box by foot or as part of carrying out multiple errands if we go by car.

So a purchase of any Noonee Wilga eco product will leave you environmentally satisfied.

Noonee Wilga Elimination Communication Products

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