The Social Outfit

We provide individuals from refugee and new migrant communities with employment and training opportunities in the fashion industry. Our brand has created a successful social-business model which nurtures people and their skills in a caring environment.

Celebratory in design, we collaborate with industries and community partners to develop ethical products which reflect the hopeful Australian spirit. Our limited-edition clothing prints are digitally printed locally onto silk and organic cotton. We are utilise the quality end of roll fabrics and any remaining materials that are donated by our sponsors.  

Through our partnership approach to design, we have had to chance to work with designers such as Bianca Spender, Carla Zampatti, Ginger & Smart, Linda Jackson, Romance Was Born and many more. We have successfully minimised our waste by saving more than 5 tonnes of textile waste!

We produce on-site in our Newtown shop/workroom, and are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

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