Theatre Imports

 Theatre Imports is an Australian wholesale company that imports unique, contemporary and distinctive gifts, home wares and christmas lines from all around the world.

Gloria the director of the business hand picks all the products for the range, sourcing items & producers from many countries worldwide. Gloria loves items that are hand crafted.  Thus giving each piece style and individuality that sets them aside from many other products on the market that are mass produced. In recent years Theatre has moved in a more sustainable direction, sourcing products that are made from recycled materials.
Theatre currently specialises and is known for its gorgeous handmade and hand polished aluminium range from India. All aluminium within this range is 100% recycled. Aluminium scraps are collected from old utensils, car parts, pressure cookers, door handles, saucepans, etc and are melted down and then transformed into the amazing pieces that end up in retail stores and people’s homes.
In addition to aluminium Theatre also have products in-range made from wire, brass nickel, stainless steel, wood, fabric, rubber, denim and capiz shell. All in the unique, contemporary and distinctive styles that Theatre prides itself on showcasing.
Conscious of the environment; all excess cardboard boxes in the Theatre warehouse are recycled and all packing material used for orders is created from old paper work from the office and from old magazines and newspapers collected by the family and friends of Theatre Imports staff and surrounding businesses.
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