Wovii International Pty Ltd

 The wovii journey started in 2013 with a spirited 2-year old insisting on drying herself at bath time. On the search for the perfect toddler towel the idea was to create a towel that kids loved to snuggle into, to dry themselves and that would dry fast. We wanted to make a towel that really would make life easier for families. And so the wovii towel was born.

Products : Bath And Shower Towels, Beach Towels, Camping And Travel Towels, Kids Hooded Towels, Lightweight Towels, Quick Dry Towels, Sand Free Towels, Sports & Gym Towels, Swimming Pool Towels, Wovii Personal Washers

Business Address: Dover Heights, NSW, 2030, Australia


Phone number: 1300 496 844

Payment method : Direct Debit

Business hours: 24 hour

Business mail : [email protected]

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