Coconutsy turns these discarded shells into beautiful coconut bowls, coconut candles and coconut cups which sourced all from sustainable and ethical sources with a mission to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our eco-friendly range features a variety of sustainable alternatives including coconut bowls, jumbo coconut bowls, coconut candles, coconut cups, coconut wood spoons, coconut wood chopsticks, bamboo straws and eco-friendly gift sets.


We help our customers shop by the values important to them, like being vegan, zero waste, plastic free and sustainably sourced. Every time someone buys a coconut bowl they are up-cycling a resource that would have otherwise been wasted. This is where we would like to say 'THANKS' you just saved a coconut.


Join us and the growing number of individuals making a real difference to our environment by shopping our no-nonsense bunch of eco-friendly products


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