Ethica was founded with the goal to associate the product with the name of the woman who made it. This is a part of her story. These artists and their crafted products provide the meaning to our story.

Ethica has been working with individuals in Peru as a social enterprise. We specialise in quality Fair Trade products. We aim to ensure that every products that is made, leads to an important change for the artists, as well as their families and communities.

Every time you buy an ethica product, you become part of a change:

It builds relationships.

It unites women.

It changes communities.

It ensures the rights of children.

It respects cultural identity.

It supports safe and fair working conditions.

It creates opportunities.

Together we are investing in women.

Ethica is blessed to work with our Fair Trade commitment. We ensure that all our proceeds are given back into the villages of our artisans – to build sustainable businesses and strong communities.

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