Solar West

We provide export solar solutions for Carlotta. It is our mission to change the local Carlotta community and teach each other to embrace a more environmentally sustainable way of living. We as a team have been working tirelessly to install exceptional solar panels and solar products for our local clients. 

We always standby our commitment to natural energy and renewable energy sources. We are dedicated to build a green a few jobs for tomorrow and this dedication shows in everything we do and we couldn’t be prouder of our team and our products. One of our main focus is to provide solar panels for homes throughout the Carlotta and Nanup area. 

We have been setting up energy systems for years and we plan to continue to do so introducing many other new families to this ideal form of energy use. Using our assistance, local homeowners can save on energy bills and also feel proud of the part they are playing to make the world a better place. We also set up commercial solar systems which can be used as a powerful resource for all types of buildings.

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