Plastic Free Alternatives

Plastic Free Alternatives is a mother, daughter business that cares for the planet and our wellbeing is our passion. We want to help people to tread lightly on the planet - supporting them on their plastic-free journey at whatever stage they are at. We are producing and sourcing products that are sustainable and reusable and plastic-free. 

Our products are mainly the things that we use daily, such as toothbrushes, lunch boxes, food covers and many more. We also make artisan beeswax wraps and bags that make cling wrap redundant and keep your food fresh for longer. We believe that our daily products should be no harm to our planet or our bodies. We provide products that are made from renewable sources or can be reused for a long time or must be compostable to avoid adding more pollution to our environment.

Plastic Free Alternatives believe that every small step together will make a big impact on our environment. We can help to heal our earth, be the change that we want to see and encourage others to do the same.

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