Bambacore PTY LTD

Bambacore is an Australian company which provides bio-based solutions and services to the plastics industry. Bambacore uses bio-polymers and natural fibres, such as bamboo, rice and straw husk to attain eco-friendly outcomes while overcoming today’s challenges, including sustainability, environment-hazard, light-weighting and cost-competitiveness. Bio-polymers and compounds from Bambacore are suitable for injection and extrusion moulding, thermoforming and consumer products that are an eco-friendly alternative to fossil-derived materials. Bambacore is concerned on reducing carbon footprint and single-use plastics.

With Bambacore you can find numerous products for your needs in different industries, including agriculture and gardening, accessories, houseware, kitchenware, packaging, construction, cosmetics and personal care. Our products use high technology, bio-based, lightweight composite materials. Both bio-degradable and durable compounds can be found in our company. We make sure with our high-quality products and strong mission, we can grow bigger as we are already partnering with other regions, such as Europe, India, Korea, Hong Kong and China.

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