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Not a white box. Today we are becoming more aware of our health & our impact on the earth. Crafted Green has developed a complete joinery solution for building or renovating with the health of your family and the health of our environment in mind. Achieve a Green Star rating by improving the indoor environment quality & reduce toxic emissions, without compromising on design. Old meets new in this revolutionary system. You will find beauty in the smallest traditional joinery detail such as dovetail joint drawer construction. New to the Australian market is the formaldehyde and VOC free materials used, allowing you to create a healthier interior environment from renewable resources. Formaldehyde has been listed by many prominent international bodies as a known carcinogen, linked to several cancers including nasopharyngeal cancer & Leukaemia. The innovative screw-less construction method, the result of years of experience and development, reduces the amount of material required and allows for an amazingly swift and efficient installation. By choosing Crafted Green is as easy & natural as breathing.

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