Earthsave is dedicated to bringing sustainable products to home owners, builders, developers and architects looking to future proof existing and new build homes.

By providing low impact solutions to make homes more energy efficient and healthy for their occupants, we can also reduce demand on the limited resources and our environment.  

All products are locally sourced as close as possible. Local labour is used for installations to reduce transportation and commuting carbon emissions. Specialist components are minimised wherever possible. Wherever possible, long term maintenance implications and cost estimates will be stated (we like low maintenance).

It also happens to be the most efficient system, as reflected by the government in awarding Edwards the highest rating (size for size) in renewable energy certificates (RECs). The higher the RECs, the more efficient the system.

Solar Photovoltaics Solar power systems are becoming more viable for home owners with the technology becoming more cost effective and the government assistance available

We sell a range of heat pumps for varying situations. Heat pumps qualify for Renewable Energy Certificates and the new Federal Government’s Solar Hot Water Rebate Programme.

These incentives make the systems very affordable and payback periods can be very short, especially in commercial situations.

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