Established in 1991, ecobricks™ (formerly Toby’s Recycled Bricks) is Australia’s leading supplier of recycled bricks and pavers. With one of the largest supplies of recycled bricks and pavers, ecobricks™ has achieved a reputation for providing quality recycled products and meeting customer expectations.

Ecobricks carries a wide range of recycled bricks including;

- Builders bricks

- Rustic Reds

- Paving bricks 50mm/65mm

- Reds face & paver

- Clinkers - Red/Blues

- Cream Blues

- Handmades: Apricot and blends

- Hawthorn blacks/browns

- Double Froggers

- Fire bricks

- Shapes

- Bluestone pitches

Ecobricks also offers a specialist brick mathcing and colour blending service.

By purchasing ecobricks recycled bricks you are not only saving yourself money, but you are also saving the environment.


Ecobricks Products

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