Envirotecture provides design and consulting services for people and organisations who want buildings that work well, feel good, and are culturally appropriate – and reduce their ecological cost toward zero. We design buildings that work with the forces of nature, not against them.

Whether residential, commercial or public buildings, these same fundamental principles apply. Each client is unique, and therefore each project will have its own unique design solutions - no two are ever identical.

Envirotecture have over 35 years specialised experience in sustainable design, and have received numerous peer design awards, community and sustainability awards. Our design team spans generations and cultures, and together we can relate to you and your needs, with a view to the long term.

Envirotecture set the bar high for sustainable outcomes, and work at practical cost effective solutions to achieve those goals. 

Visit our website to see how we approach building design, and to see a variety of our building design projects. We can also share our experience with other design teams, industry professionals, and home-owners, by direct consultation, training preparation and/or delivery.

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