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Awards and Achievements: Thanks to our teams hard work, industry experience and exceptional knowledge Schlager group has received many awards for our ability to build phenomenal homes.

Property Maintainence Services: By leveraging the skills and talents within the Schlager Group, our Property Services Division manages all aspects of property maintenance from simple repairs to complete refurbishment projects.

Our Projects: At the Schlager Group we have a long portfolio that is both extensive and impressive. It is full of successful projects that showcase our wide range of capability and expertise that is available.

Residential Development: Affordable quality, built by the Schlager Group. By ensuring the use of innovative technologies and integrating them with our knowledge and experience we will save you time and money for your residential development project.

Commercial Projects: Our commercial portfolio consists of many successful projects from small bespoke offices to multi-floor constructions and redevelopments. At the Schlager Group we are always committed to building world class commercial projects to improve your businesses performance.

Property Services: By leveraging the skills and talents of our incredible team at the Schlager Group we're able to handle all aspects of property maintenance. Whether you need simple repairs or a complete refurbishment project completed we have the capabilities to do it for you.

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