Sustainable Home Design

At team-b, principles of Ecologically Sustainable Design  are the basis of our design approach and inform our unique architectural aesthetic

We are committed to energy efficiency by employing innovative passive solar design to decrease reliance on heating and cooling, and encourage use of energy efficient products and alternative energy systems. We select materials that maximize thermal performance while minimizing carbon emissions produced through embodied energy.

We are committed to water conservation, integrating rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling to our buildings. We design buildings to respect and enhance their landscape and ecology, while connecting the occupant with the natural environment.
Sustainable materials are selected on a life cycle basis, considering environmental impacts during procurement, manufacture, use and end of life. We investigate the use of prefabricated materials and structures to maximize speed and efficiency of construction, improve affordability and minimize material wastage.

team-b are dedicated to increasing social sustainability through designing responsive buildings that are healthy, low energy use and are imbued with a sense of place.

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